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Product Description

Maintaining your lawn has never been simpler thanks to the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower from RedBack—the set-it-and-forget-it automated lawn mower that helps you save time and money. Simply set your preferred time and this fully autonomous lawn mower will start automatically mow your entire lawn every 48 hours to keep your grass looking its best.

The compact design saves space and ensures the RM24 is less cumbersome than the standard gas-operated lawn mowers found in most garages and yards. The battery-operated RM24 is also environmentally friendly, and good for your wallet too. No more wasting money on gas just to keep up with the grass.

The RM24’s engine and navigation systems are powered by a 28V lithium-ion 4Ah battery for up to 45 minutes of continuous cutting before automatically returning to the charging station. Its three razor-sharp blades deliver optimum cutting performance. They are mounted on a blade disc, revolving at 2900 RPM with a cutting width of 9.5” and an adjustable cutting height ranging from 1” - 2.5”. Ultra quiet operation (65dB) eliminates the noise commonly made by conventional gas-powered lawn mowers to offer you the peace you deserve. The highly efficient brushless motor provides enhanced performance with higher torque-to-weight ratio and a lower vulnerability to mechanical wear compared to brushed motors.

This robot lawn mower comes with a mow scheduling system that allows you to input your preferred mowing times, as well as a rain sensor that tells the mower to automatically dock the back to the charging station if heavy rain is detected. Its easy-to-use programming interface allows for fast, no-fuss schedule entry to help save you time and mental energy.

The RM24 robot lawn mower is IPX4 dust and water resistant. An auto-stop safety feature halts the forward progress of the robot as soon as it bumps into any large object, and safely backs up the mower to find a more favorable, unhindered route to continue the mowing process. This makes it safer for children, pets, and other materials usually left on a lawn. This lawn mower robot can even traverse 30-degree slopes for dealing with landscaped areas with changing elevation.

Redback’s MowRo series of robot lawn mowers deliver unparalleled advantages by providing optimal mowing performance without having to get your hands dirty. High-quality components provide dependable durability for extended periods and operation.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack, Orange
  • Materials
    Steel, ABS
  • Measurements
    26"L x 17.75"W x 11.5"H
  • OriginChina

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 2 Year Limited For Mower; 1 Year Limited For Battery
— Fully Autonomous Robot Lawn Mower
— Cuts Up To 0.25 Acres At A Time (10,890 sq. ft)
— 9.5" Cutting Width
— Adjustable Cutting Height
— Conveniently Battery Powered
— Automatically Returns to Docking/Charging Station
— Set Prefered Start Times
— Mow Scheduling Starts Automatically Every 48 Hours
— Capable of Climbing Slope Up To 30°
— Can Handle Small Bumps & Divots With Ease
— Quiet Operation; Only 65dB
— Easy to Install & Use
— Low Maintenance
— Saves Time (30 – 50 Hours a Year)
— Improves Lawns Health/Reduces Fertilizer Needs
— Eco-Friendly/Zero Emissions
— Safe Around Pets & Children
— Bump Sensor
— Tilt & Lift Sensors
— Rain Sensor
— Theft Protection PIN Code
— Night Operation
— Pivoting Blades
— Durable ABS Plastic
— Large Chelated Wheels
— Carrying Handle
— IPX4 Water & Dust resistant
— 12 Volt AC Adapter Connects To The Docking Station With A Standard Waterproof Connector
— Adapter Cord Connects To The Power Source With A Standard 2 Prong Plug

Technical Specifications
— Battery Type: 28V lithium-ion 3Ah/4Ah
— Battery Life: 45 Minutes of Cutting Time
— Charge Time: 45 Minutes
— Motor Type: Brushless
— Blade Speed: 2900 RPM
— Cutter Type: 3 Interchangeable Blades
— Cutting Width: 9.5"
— Cutting Height: 1 - 2.5"
— Maximum Mowing Area: 0.25 Acre
— Maximum Climb Angle: 30 ̊ (50%)
— Walking Speed: 1.55 ft/sec
— Boundary Wire Length: 330ft
— Mower Weight: 23 lb

— Power Safety Standard: UL1310 and CSA c22.2 No.107.2, cTUVus certificate
— GS/CE Standard: EN 60335-1:2012+A11+A13, EN 50636-2-107:2015+A1, EN 62233:2008
— EMC Standard: EN 55014-1:2006+A1+A2, EN 55014-1:2017 EN 55014-2:2015, EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019, EN 61000-3-3:2013
— Guaranteed sound power level 60db(A)

— MowRo
— Charging Dock
— Power Cable
— Hardware
— User Manual
— 330 ft of Boundary Wire + Lawn Stakes

Does it avoid things like trees? Or does it just bump and turn?

The mower will bump and turn when it comes in contact with things like trees.

What happens to the grass clippings?

Since the mower cuts every 48 hours, the length of the cuttings is very small. They will fall back into the grass and easily biodegrade to naturally fertilize the soil.

How will the mower deal with leaves in the fall? Do I need to remove the leaves or will it mulch them into my lawn?

If you leave the leaves on the lawn in the Fall, the mower will continue to cut and mulch them. However, if you have a large number of leaves, we'd suggest you remove them to allow your lawn to breathe over the Winter.

What is the maximum height grass should not exceed when using this mower?

The mower cutting height can be adjusted between 1" and 2.5". We suggest you mow the lawn before installing the MowRo. If the lawn is too long, it will not cut because it thinks it's cutting something other than grass.

How do I know it’s really cutting the grass?

Since the MowRo cuts every other day it only cuts a fraction of an inch at a time. This maintains a carpet-like appearance on the lawn. You may not notice it's cutting unless your lawn is growing really fast.

How can I stop the mower from going into a neighbor's lawn or under a fence pole?

The MowRo uses a boundary wire similar to an electronic dog fence that it will not pass over. You can put the wire around gardens and other areas you do not want the mower to enter.

If it needs to recharge, will it resume where it left off?

When the MowRo needs to recharge, it will follow the boundary wire back to the charging station. After charging, it will resume cutting in a random pattern. The cutting pattern is programmed to cut your whole lawn every 48 hours.

Does a consultant come out to your residence to set this up and is this included or is it an additional cost?

No, it does not come with a consultant to set this up.

What size lawns is this built for?

The mower will mow up to 6,500 square feet of lawn.

Can it be stored outdoors? Is the mower and charging station weatherproof?

The charging station only covers a portion of the MowRo. It can be rained on, but if exposed to excessive amounts of water, we recommend it be stored in a covered area.

How many boundary wires does it come with and what length?

Your order comes included with 330 feet of boundary wire and 100 lawn stakes.

Will it learn over time, so you can remove the boundary wires and stakes?

The mower will not learn the cutting area. The boundary wires need to remain to determine the cutting area and to allow the mower to follow the wire back to the charging station.
With time, the grass will grow over the wire and it will be completely hidden.

Does it need the guide wires to work if the yard is completely fenced in? Will it be able to find its way back to the charging dock?

The boundary wire needs to be present to operate the mower. It will use the wire to determine the cutting area and will follow the wire to return to the dock for charging.

Can it handle cutting Saint Augustine grass?

The MowRo cuts all grass types. If the grass is too tall (regardless of type of grass), the mower will not cut. We recommend cutting your lawn before installing your MowRo. Once installed, the MowRo will cut every 48 hours and maintain a carpet-like appearance.

What theft protection is incorporated? Does it have to be brought back inside or into garage? Must the base station always be put back in exact same location?

A PIN is used to unlock and operate the mower. The MowRo is not operable without the PIN.
The MowRo can be stored on the lawn throughout the whole mowing season. Covers on the MowRo website that look like rocks, but it's completely optional.
The base station can remain in the same location year-round. Should you choose to remove it, you will want to put it back in the same location to connect it to the perimeter wire you had previously installed.

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    United States
  • Shipping Policy
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    1-2 weeks
  • Return Policy
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