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Core Glow

Glow-In-The-Dark Marble Stones // Ethereal Blue

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Product Description

The incredible CORE Glow™ Marble Stones light up any setting with a brilliant, bioluminescence-inspired glow. Highlight a pathway, add visibility to your driveway, create a work of art in your garden, or display it proudly in a vase on your desk—the possibilities are endless! These photo-luminescent stones are eco-friendly, easy to install, and engineered to last for over 20 years without fear of breaking or fading. They charge in sunlight in just 20 minutes, then glow brightly up to 10 hours to create a spectacular view throughout the night.

Ethereal Blue glows at 420nm. Perfect for spas, walkways, indoor bathrooms, ethereal landscapes, and entrances to other dimensions.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlue
  • Materials
    Marble, Strontium Aluminate
  • Measurements
    6"L x 8"W x 2"H
  • OriginChina

— 1 lb Bag of Glow-in-the-Dark Aluminate Marble Stones (Approx. 500-600 Pieces)
— Each Stone Measures Approx. 8-15mm; Size Varies
— Recharges Under Sunlight Ir Lamplight In Approx. 20 Minutes
— Glow Lasts For 10 Hours At A Time (20 Years Total)
— Commercial Grade
— Non-toxic & Chemically Inert
— Suitable For Use In All Weather, Including Rain & Snow
— Note: Do NOT Use In Aquariums, Pet Enclosures, Fireplaces, Or Fire Pits

Coverage For 1 lb Bag
— Scattered Coverage: Approx. 16 Sq. Ft. Per Bag
— Full Coverage: Approx. 0.5 Sq. Ft. Per Bag

Could I use in fireplaces?

No, it's not recommended for use in fireplaces.

Can these be used in water fountains?

Yes, they can be used in water fountains, provided there are no fish in the fountains.

Can they be driven on (by cars) over and over again if used on a shell driveway?

They most certainly can!

What color are they during the day?

The blue are white stones during the day. Aqua is also white but with a tinge of green. Green is even more tinged, but still a white base, as our crushed marble is white to start.

Can I put them in resin?

Yes, you can put them in resin. Any kind really, as long as light can penetrate.

Can I put them outside and can they get rain on and still work?

Absolutely! Rain has no effect on this natural product.

Can they be in a yard where cats, dogs, and squirrels run around?

Absolutely. The active mineral in this product is both biologically and chemically inert.

What about snow?

Snow, like water, does not affect this product in any way. They only need light exposure to work, so if the snow is blocking the light, then you wouldn't see anything anyway. But, once the snow melts, you're good to go!

How much sunlight is needed to charge the stones?

Core Glow is always glowing, it just depends on whether your eyes can see it. During the day Core Glow is constantly absorbing light energy both from direct lighting and also from ambient sources. If you were to place it in a dark room you would see that it is glowing the whole time. Core Glow emits 5-7 candelas of light during its soft 'ambient glow' phase - compare to electric lights which emit hundreds. Initially, after a charge Core Glow will be so bright you can see it glowing even in a well-lit room, and it will cast light on the walls. After 45 min-1hr it will fade to a softer bright glow, and after 2 hours will settle into its ambient glow phase that will last all night. For this reason, it is best to view Core Glow in complete darkness- charge them up then give your eyes time to adjust. You will see them glow all night long.

Can I microwave them?

Extreme temperatures will 'kill' the glow, so microwaving might have this effect. Additionally, the small amount of resin in the stone will off-gas in the microwave process, so we would not recommend.

How do you secure it where placed?

That really is up to you. Depending on the surface, you can use an epoxy or one part clear resin. The medium you are placing the stones on is the limiting factor here in terms of what product to use. We only require that the product (securing it) is clear to allow sunlight through.

Why can’t it go with fish? Would they be safe around other animals or kids?

It is very safe around kids and animals, but in a small fish tank, there is some minor off-gassing of the stones once the bag is newly opened, so we do not recommend use in small tanks. Ponds and pools are fine.

How many pieces per bag?

There are approximately 500-600 pieces per 1lb bag.

Will a leaf blower make them scatter?

The stones should not scatter if they are in your existing gravel. However, they may if they are loose on concrete or asphalt.

What square footage will each bag cover?

— Scattered Coverage: Approx. 16 Sq. Ft. Per Bag
— Full Coverage: Approx 0.5-1 Sq. Ft. Per Bag

Can u mix it into concrete for a walk path?

Yes, you can embed glow stones on concrete surfaces.

Do they need the sun or could they be placed in the shade?

During the day Core Glow is constantly absorbing light energy from direct lighting and from ambient sources. With only 10-20 minutes of exposure to daylight or any other ambient light source, the CORE Glow™ Stone can maintain its glow-in-the-dark qualities for about 10-12 hours.

Can you crush them to get smaller rocks?

Yes, you can crush them to a desired size.

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